Worldwide Homologation
Type Approval Specialists

Ticket System

We have developed a special ticket system for your enquiries of all kinds (e.g. regulatory, country-specific, product-related). We can adapt this system to your individual needs.
Highest data security, rights management and user-friendliness are the top priority.
Create a perfect overview and full transparency! You have central access at all times.
Assign tickets to specific people, select urgencies, set priorities and monitor the processing.

We offer you direct support as well as prompt responses to your enquiries and take care of you around the clock. Security maintenance and data backup are also included.


  • Designed for large teams and the demanding corporate environment
  • Perfect for digital teams and cross-departmental collaboration
  • Share screenshots and other files with team members and IB-Lenhardt AG immediately
  • Save valuable time and solve any problems that arise
  • Mutual win-win situation: constantly improves quality management and extends the knowledge gained
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